From the moment I walked in the door everyone in the office was very welcoming! I followed Dr. Ferraro from another office, and she’s more than worth the extra travel! She’s super thorough, personable, and very knowledgeable. I’ve had my fair share of unfavorable experiences with dentists, but she eases any anxiety about my visits. I highly recommend this office!

I simply can’t say how impressed I am and thankful with Dr. Ferrero and her staff. Her staff were very welcoming very kind.For the pass couple of years, I’ve had an issue with my wisdom tooth. I needed to get it extracted, but every dentist that I visit always gave me the same excuse we can’t remove it it’s right on the nerve. I became hopeless. dealing with the pain, until I went to Dr. Ferraro dental practice.I was a little nervous however, dr. Ferraro made me feel stress-free.She is extremely knowledgeable. I know what she’s doing. I will continue to visit her practice. Not only me but my family.Thank you !

My son and I had such a wonderful experience at green leaf dentistry with Dr. Ferraro! She is professional, kind, and very personable. Going to the dentist can be so stressful but this visit was so pleasant and my son left with a big smile on his face. Highly recommend!

Behold…Green Leaf Dentistry has a new gem…and her name is Dr. Lauren Ferraro and she is simply the best! I have known her from her previous practice and was committed to follow her all the way to Denville which is about 40 minute drive from where I live. She is an amazing dentist who will give you excellent dental care. Her caring attitude, compassion and excellent professionalism are just some of her attributes that you will get attached to and most of all her expertise in treating TMJ disorders. For so many years I have suffered excessive clenching and grinding of my teeth day and night and have worn and have broken several occlusal guards which are not cheap by the way. My daytime bruxism has gotten worse especially as I am a health care worker and I work in a very busy and stressful unit. I persevere wearing occlusal guards during the day especially at work and has to endure some lisps when talking despite how “fancy” those occlusal guards were made and fitted for me otherwise I get pain and discomfort in my jaw, facial pain and headaches without them. Wearing them at nighttime is a different story. At the beginning of this year, Dr Ferraro formulated a treatment plan for my persistent TMJ problem. I received a Botox injection in April. Most people associate Botox for cosmetics use but truly it’s not. Under Dr Ferraro’s care, after I received the injection, it alleviated my symptoms that I don’t have to wear my daytime occlusal guards for a couple of months and what a relief it was ! And that’s the most important aspect why I needed a follow up care from her and see her the other day with this new office! And I am grateful for the care I received….Green Leaf Dentistry is an amazing dental practice and I have to commend Lori at the front desk who is very pleasant and proficient since I was a new patient in their office. Thank you very much! ….Jen Bagaloyos

Great location with plenty of parking. Office is clean and well organized with new equipment. Staff doctors and office staff/management are extremely friendly. As a new mom I wasnt paying attention to my oral hygiene…. Dr Ferraro and the dental hygienist were EXCELLENT! My teeth have never been cleaner! Highly recommend…!

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